Talking About Death Doesn't Bring It Any Closer

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Finity’s main aim is to encourage people to consider and talk around all issues concerning the end of their lives.  

Whether death seems close or far off, facing up to and discussing these issues gives a sense of freedom that then allows us to live life to the full. Without communication and understanding, death and terminal illness can be a lonely and stressful experience, both for the person who is dying and for their friends and family.  Talking to others gives a combined strength that can lighten that burden. A lack of conversation is perhaps the most important reason why peoples’ wishes go ignored or unfulfilled.

Everyone's situation is unique but we all have one thing in common: we will die one day.  By understanding our own priorities and taking control where we can, the experience for both ourselves and those around us might be the best possible.

Finity want to help people to make their own decisions as there are often no right or wrong choices.  This is a guide and we leave it to individuals to plan for themselves and we do not aim to give any definitive or specific advice.  

What’s on the website?

There are a wealth of services and information available on all aspects of end of life care and dying, we summarise the main points to consider and where to find some of the most useful information. 


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