Finity’s Finale

After 5 years of activity, Finity ceased to operate at the end of July 2018.  We have been delighted to be part of a growing local and national discussion as we have considered all aspects of planning ahead for the end of life. 

What have we done?

It has been an amazing journey.  We have spoken to over 1,200 people at our events and even more remotely via email, the website and twitter.  Finity’s workshops manual (click here for  free download) advising how to run a community workshop series and our personal planning workbook  (click here for free download) have been sent around the UK from Scotland to London and worldwide as far afield as America.  We have collaborated with an American university professor with feedback for The Stanford Letter.  Finity has also supported the Oxford based Kicking the Bucket festival.

Enabling conversations around end of life care is so important and Finity’s influence has been seen in many explicit and subtle ways.  We have heard from individuals how empowered and supported they have felt in as a result of hearing this message.  And our community leaders have seen a difference.  As an example, several members of the local church team have expressed their gratitude to Finity for introducing the topic and allowing some more open conversations. They report that they have seen a direct change in behaviour as a result.

What happens next?

Our work continues.  Rennie Grove Hospice Care will continue to produce the personal planning workbook and to host the Light Up a Life ceremony of remembrance in late Novemebr in Prestwood.  The secondary schools forum theatre production “What shall we say?”will be offered by Di Burnett and Teenactors, as part of a portfolio covering sensitive issues relevant to young adults.  National & local groups, such as Dying Matters and Chiltern Compass, continue the conversation around of end of life care and planning ahead.

Chiltern Compass

Chiltern Compass is a group being established in the Amersham area by Dr Chris Foote, Finity’s cofounder. Its aim is to offer support and information to anyone interested in planning ahead for the end of life

TEDx talk: “We need to talk about dying”

Jo Withers was invited to present at the first Cambridge college TEDx conference, held at Newnham College in February 2018.  Amidst an eclectic mix of subjects and presenters, Jo spoke on the importance of planning ahead for the care one wants at end of life.  Jo’s talk is still available to view on the TED Youtube channel:

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